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Are all shoes authentic?

All shoes that are sold on are guaranteed 100% authentic sneakers. We do not sell fake, replica or factory flawed products, nor do we do any business buying such products. We encourage our customers to shop around with complete confidence, knowing that are products are legitimate. All shoes brought to OTLND are highly inspected, to ensure that all products are authentic and to verify the condition of the sneakers. 

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship internationally. Orders shipped within Canada usually take up to 1-5 business days based on the type of shipping method. Orders shipped to United States can take up to 3-10 business days. International orders can take up to 30 business days. 

Canada: 1-2 processing days 

USA: 2-5 processing days

International: 7 processing days

What payments are accepted?

OTLND accepts payments through Paypal, VISA, MasterCard for Canadian and US customers (any form of payment that is supported by Paypal).

What is the return policy?


Does OTLND offer consignment?


How long does it take to receive my tracking number?

Prior to an order being placed, you should receive a shipping confirmation email within 3-5 business days with the tracking number attached. If you have any problems with receiving emails from us please contact us immediately. 

Can I cancel an order I placed?

Unfortunately, no. We are unable to cancel an order once it has been processed and submitted. 

Why hasn’t my order been shipped?

Many orders are put on hold and are waiting on payments to be processed. Once payments are successfully cleared, then we ship your items. Any fraudulent buyers will be handled to the full extent of the law. OTLND holds the right to cancel any order if they believe with rightful doubt that the buyer is suspicious of fraudulent activity. 

I preordered a sneaker, but didn’t receive it, whats next?

Due to high volume of orders, it may occur that all preorders may not be fulfilled. If that is the reason, your preorder will be completely refunded. In another scenario, it takes 3-5 business days prior to the sneaker release to fulfill a preorder. 

Does OTLND buy shoes?

Yes, we buy your shoes. We offer a STRAIGHT CASH system. We will buy your collection immediately as long as the price is right, meaning that it benefits both the buyer and the seller. Please run through the following steps to receive a quote for your collection:

  • Completely fill out the form for your collection (click here to download form)
  • Do not forget to include a sum total you expect for your collection 
  • We will review your entry
  • 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) we will respond with a counter-offer or accept the offer you have sent
  • Shoes must be shipped within 48 hours of our response in order for us to honour our offer as the sneaker market can change any second and we hold right to change our offer beyond that time frame

TORONTO LOCALS: We will not pay for your shoes until the collection is completely inspected by our staff for authentication and condition. You could bring your collection to us or ship it to us. Once your collection is inspected and validated, you will be paid in CASH or CHEQUE.
NON-LOCALS: We do not pay for your collection before inspecting, if you are a non-local you must ship your collection to us for inspection of authenticity and condition of product. After the collection has been inspected and is confirmed to be exactly as stated in the quote, you will be paid via PayPal

Are all the shoes wearable?

Any shoe that is over 6 years old can not be guaranteed suitable for wear. 

Are there any extra fees?

All orders being shipped in Canada will not have to face any customs or duties. Any orders being shipped to the US or international orders may have to pay an additional fee for duties, customs or taxes and is the responsibility of the customer to pay those fees. Due to Canadian Law, OTLND does not mark down the value of the item when shipping out an order, nor do we state the items as “gift” under any circumstance.