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In-Store shopping is now available at our first location
5250 Solar Drive 
Unit 21
Mississauga, ON


MONDAY: 12pm-6pm 
TUESDAY: 12pm-6pm 
WEDNESDAY: 12pm-6pm 
THURSDAY: 12pm-6pm 
FRIDAY: 12pm-8pm 
SATURDAY: 12pm-8pm 
SUNDAY: 12pm-6pm 




Changes to the store hours can occur due to extreme weather conditions, holidays, renovations, and other reasons outside our control. Best way to stay updated to our store updates is to follow our instagram account as we post daily updates for our customers on that platform. 







Outlined trys to provide a reasonable market for SUPREME, BAPE, OFF-WHITE, PALACE and many other streetwear brands. Also, selling quality apparel built with exquisite fabrics, based out of Toronto. 

Striving to create a mixture of the top trends embedded into fabrics. The first collection, "SABR", symbolizing the idea of patience. As a new local brand of Toronto, receiving support from genuine customers, friends and family is what builds the foundation of a brand. Following up, we have created a collection for a wider audience, "Outlined Collection". From the response from the Outlined Family, we will continue to make diverse collections to unify the people. The greatest feeling as a creator is noticing the multiple races and different faces not only wearing the product but EMBRACING it. 

Beyond creating apparel, we have been in the sneaker and streetwear market for over a decade. What we have realized is the market always fluctuates in terms of pricing of certain products. The idea of fair and unfair is where we come in. We try to label the most fair prices on Supreme, Yeezy, Bape (A Bathing Ape), Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas, Off-White, Atmos, and other hype items. On a weekly basis, we buy collections out to manage an inventory. Bulk buying is the main reason how we stay relevant in our fair prices battle in the sneaker market. 

STEAL SUNDAY: every Sunday we have set up an appreciation event for our loyal customers where we create markdowns for a bunch of items on our website. At a random time we will drop a link on our social media pages and customers will have a chance to purchase these items. There is no limit on how many items a customer can purchase. 

COLLECTIONS: We have two collection drops every year. One collection drops in FALL, and the other collection drops in the SUMMER. Follow our social media accounts to stay up to date. OUTLINED