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"Who am I?" ... the question that has been haunting me for the last 23 years subconsciously and recently, that question is right at the brink of my conscious. 

We all have a simple journey in life. Be born today, live the next, and then die the day after. I couldn't be any more cliche, but it is right in front of us. We are born symbolizing  a time bomb waiting to explode, we just don't know when that last "tic-toc" will toc for its final time. This realization will allow us to appreciate every little thing in life and not take anything for granted, whether it be waking up in the morning, smiling throughout the day, going to school, getting into relationships, going through heartache, getting a job, whatever the case may be. The common phrase that is used, "you don't really know its worth 'till it is gone", and truthfully said, we can't neglect the fact that we all will have our bad days, bad memories, horrible nightmares, dreadful nights, and unbearable mornings to the point that we question the idea of living. But as these days go by, which they definitely will, I can guarantee that (actually don't quote me on that), we will build character as individuals. 
I am not the one to say, "oh I went through more than you", because we all go through unique phases in our lives, but conquer them in different ways and magnitudes. And in such a way that it's incomparable. Each one of you have your own unique sets of success and failures, sadness and happiness, that outline the person you are today, and NOBODY can take that away from you. We can't determine what tomorrow will bring happiness, sadness, success or failure. What we can do is give life our all, do what makes us happy, help others along the way, create good intentions, work on becoming a better human being, and leave it up the power that is not in our control to decide what tomorrow will bring. Understand that, what we are striving for is to never take these moments for granted, all our blood, sweat, and tears were poured into each and every obstacle of our lives. If the outcome is not what you expected, it's a sign for re-evaluation and a wake up call for the next morning, hoping you were given another chance at life. Keep giving it your all until you have reached your goal ... until then lets keep fighting.
Understand the key words here: we // us ... because ...
... the purpose of Outlined was not a way to find who I am, but the means to express who WE are, the people, the believers of passion, and the souls of perseverance.  
So this blog will be about my story, I hope the experiences I share with y'all can be relatable, helpful, and maybe one day inspirational, but I am also looking forward on getting inspired by all of you.


Thank you for reading

Pce & Luv






I love this collection , the 3M is insane !!


When does OZZZY’s collection come out?


SO INSPIRATIONAL ! Reading the prologue has inspired me to be the person I truly am. I really love the Sabr collection and can not wait for the next collection !!




Just out of curiosity, why did you guys choose the word “sabr”?

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